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Poemify, a literary brand, is amplifying and redefining African literature by enabling African writers to monetize their stories both within and outside Africa. 

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This poem, “Jumping Jumping”, discusses the rampant incidents of suicide in African countries, most especially Nigeria. It reiterates that Traditional, Islamic, and Christian religions do not support suicide.

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The book layout is one of the factors that keeps your audience captivated to your book. We'll help you provide the greatest possible reading experience.

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Audiobooks are one of the most elegant ways to listen to information on the go. We can assist you in creating an audio version of your text.

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One of the first things we recommend to any new or upcoming author is that they sit down, reflect on their strategy, and focus on constructing a business plan. To make this simpler for authors, we have come up with a business plan that we feel honestly reflects the things that every author needs in order to be a profitable small business owner and writer. 

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