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what the future holds is
what the past has said,
this nation of ours filled with trends
laid before us a path to mend.
– Tunde Decker

East, west, north, and south are the synthesis
Of our federation
Or should I say the metaphor
Of our seperation.

Is our diversity disguising as ethnicity?
Or should I search deeper for the sake of clarity!
If our hates and loves manufactures divisions;
Then advise me to end my clarifications.

Long ago, it began at exactly 19:60 year’clock,
Sixty-two ages now give way to reality
In a land where there is individuality
In diversity.

I salute the heroes and all who birthed our
Existence: this is my natural habitat,
I salute the surviving of struggles.
Multiplying daily on the inhabitants,
I salute the dark hope and fearful courage
That we hoard in our hearts.

under the sheets

In the name of green, white, and green,
Arise o! compatriots,
Nigeria’s call obey
To still endure the travails of our fatherland.

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