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The year begins with covid19,

Someone said; it is a conspiracy theory.
Others said that it was the end,
– Prediction of the doomsday – looms.
A book emerge from nowhere,
Foretelling of a sudden virus.
We took in, calendars in antiquities,
– to study dates, days, weeks and years,
– to see if history indeed repeats itself.
On the pages of social media,
Pictures and pages of the
prognosis soared higher.

As schools closed,
Churches shut their doors,
against the daily sinners,
those who come to admit to their guilt,
– and to offer their heartfelt rendition.
Our Father in the heavens,
Hallowed be thy great name,
Your kingdom is closer-by now.
Hear our prayers over this epidemic –
Turning into a pandemic earth-wide.
We pray thee, hear and have compassion,
This through Christ we pray, amen.

The streets of every neighbourhood,
Each place is out of bound. Families only.
No entry. No exits.
– and we become prisoners of ourselves,
Fears of the next neighbours our duty.
As the possibilities of contraction increase.
Come out and get arrested, and quarantine,
or stay indoors and become sick of it all.

under the sheets

As preachers preached, the secret behind it,
5G network becomes the mainstream,
We lamented, leave us with 4G instead.
Governments sanctioned the people,
The people demanded a day of feeding.
The palliative saga begins with hunger looming,
Warehouses were broken, goods are discovered,
Armed men and women were dispatched.

– in all, God blessed me with a soul,
Son was born in due time to comfort me.
Of the years of the pandemic had taken,
– and I named him, Chidebem Sobeife Onyeche.
We are African and the beauty of the earth.
– we are the origin of the earth and the human race.

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