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Why should you publish your book with us? You may have asked yourself this question.

As a prospective author, there are several options before you, especially now that the African publishing industry is growing. However, there is always the best option in the midst of several options, and the best option is what we are when it comes to digital & print publishing in Africa. So, why us?


Author Support

We don’t dump the responsibility of your book’s editing, publishing and sales on you. We have author services and ad services, to respectively help you ensure that your book’s content is grammatically flawless and that it gets the publicity it needs to attract purchases and downloads. These services are rendered to ease the stress that comes with being a published author, especially on our platform. So just write that book, sit back and let us handle the rest.

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Value-Added Services

At Poemify Publishers, it is not enough for us to publish your book, we also add honey droplets on the cake in the form of free value added services for all our publishing packages. These services include like e-book publishing (for all print packages), book reviews, social media promotion, marketing advisory promotional graphics and a professional book review.

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No Genre Discrimination

With our vast majority of categories, your story will definitely have a place on our platform. Slasher? Horror? Thriller? Bring it! We plan on nurturing your creativity, so we give you the permission to create your own story. Bring on the gory tales!

No Extra Charges

At Poemify Publishers, we consider each author and book a unique project. Therefore, we tailor our publishing costs individual book needs, budgets and author preferences. We advise you on the best options available for your book and budget because publishing is more than just a journey to profit for us – we are interested in building a vibrant publishing industry as well.


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We Are Awesome

Hell yeah, we are awesome! This is the most important reason to publish with us. I mean, look at us, aren’t we cool? Poemify Publishers has a team of young professionals who have the necessary skills and experience to give your book a unique touch. We have experts ready to provide whatever your book requires. We are a fast growing epublishing company and has the potential to grow bigger. Wouldn’t you love to grow with us?

Digital Advantage

We don’t just give quality publishing experiences that result in a physically appealing book, we also go ten steps further by giving your book a web-presence through our digital assets (large social media following, subscription newsletter and high-traffic website). We also continue to use these assets to provide after-service support to the author/book as long as possible.

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