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This poem features the dark terrors that now hover over our lives as Nigerians living in Nigeria. It talks about how evil, malevolence and corruption have only escalated within the last six decades since the country gained her independence from the British.

When I looked closely
I no longer saw the white
in the middle of our nation’s flag.
The colour, once a beauty, was now replaced by gore.

I beheld a blood-red stain,
Spattered upon the curtains of freedom,
and a faded graffitied colour of hunger and long years of tears.

I wept,
when I saw that the green was, in fact,
Of black years, painted by the scorching greed of the men in power,
Overlaid with the colours of oppression and aversions of justice

under the sheets

I wept, and I weep for Nigeria,
Once a mighty giant in the gigantic heart of mother Africa.
And once, a scion of pride, culture and collaboration.

Nigeria was a nation which bred a strong people of hope, a people who believed in the possibilities of a future once dreamed,


Thwarted dreams are all there is now.
Broken thoughts and clamours for power has eaten into our joys
The utopia of oneness, has become entwined between the visible signs of imminent secession.

Oh! Nigeria. Our Father’s land.
How ironic that you are now like the sea.
Wet with the blood of innocence and innocents.

Help us find our boats and safely dock ourselves.
While we clamour to pick what is left of your detritus.
But let us, I plead of you,
not drown in these moments of uncertainty.

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