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The chameleon changes its colour
Just to adapt to its habitat
The notorious man changes his behaviour
Just as a chameleon does
To adapt to its habitat.

The leader you changed yesterday
Is the one you elect tomorrow
Tell me now
Are we not recycling the recycle bin?

Yesterday, they told us
That we are ‘People’s Democrats’
We gave them power through our votes
But their power makes us poorer
And in our excruciating pains
They soothe our pains with promises of change.

Tell me now
Are we not recycling the recycle bin?
The change they promised
Changed our lives for the worse
When monkeys and baboons rule a nation
Whose blood will not turn into an ocean of blood?
Now we can see the bloodshed
Change we expect
But they chained us with their chains.

under the sheets

Tell me now
Are we not recycling the recycle bin?
When they present us with lookalike candidates
In their coalition of the new parties
Their promises ring in our deafening ears
But what we could see
Is the reincarnation of the same caucus
Like a born-and-die child- àbíkú.

Tell me now
What happens to an unwanted document
Is permanent deletion from the recycle bin
What else do we need
For a recycle bin for parties’ coalition
if not permanent deletion?
For we can’t use the same approach
And get different results
If we must recycle
We must not support the debacle
But use different approaches to recycle.

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ONIPEDE Festus Moses is a linguist and poet. He is from Ogun State, Nigeria.  He has some of his poems published in the following anthology: Beyond the Horizon: An Inter-continental Anthology, Aurora: An Anthology of English Poetry, Prose, Short Stories, Interviews, One-Act Plays, and Articles, Insulatus: An Anthology of Modern English Poetry, among others. He also writes poems, articles, short stories, and one-act plays for Lipi International Magazine.and Nairapen.

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