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life would be meaningless without rules

A border line to aknowledge our don’t(s) and do(s)

Man must not try bite that which he can niether bite nor chews,
And not all that is pleasing to the eye actually enthuse,
Destroying your health getting alcohol boozed,
You see, your body has rights and you’re getting it’s rights remorselessly abused,
Just because you get the sentience of your body being amused,
When you’re slowly killing yourself and putting hopes in to the blues,
Would you stop your deuce on nature which you accuse?
Saying life gets so hard that I get confused,
And I hardly have enough money to even buy shoes,
And there you are idling and getting yourself some brews,
Living life like some body without any clues,
There are people with uncurable diseases and here you are weeping about a bruise,
Every decision has consequences you were given choices and you decided To choose
A clear jurisdiction (Quran) has descended but yet you despute?
Laws have been given to you and you refute?
Commandments are given to you and you refuse?
Oh, but if you knew
If only you knew a day would come when you will surely be resurrected.
And on that day you would be in rues,
Wanting desperately to be diffused,
Into being soil with fear getting exteremely profuse,
And everybody looking for a way to elude,
After failing in this dunya all reviews,
There you are as an inhabitant among the queues,
As a dweller of hell destined to live in eternal anguish.

There you shall be burnt like barbecues,
An unimaginable torment till blood suffuses,
As your body is distorted it is joint together a d fused,
Like… A broken toy he glues,
There will be no drink except that which melts your face or a drink from people puss which the fire oozes,
It might look like a dream but it’s true so it’s high time you get up before you clock snoozes,
It’s not too late to shift to righteousness and learn good values,
Those that prophet Muhammed taught so you may have virtues,
And insha Allah in jannah for you there will be great venues.

under the sheets
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