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You reek of loneliness. Frustration. Pain. Isolation. Emptiness. But they don’t see it. They see the fake smile that covers your smooth face. The beautiful dress which rest at your body. The type of shoes you wear which adds beauty to your long legs.

Yesterday, they, your friends I mean, clustered round you. Chatting and keeping you company. You were there but your mind was somewhere else. You just wanted to leave. Wanted to be left alone. Then you faked a call and left without returning again.

You don’t breath life anymore. You detests everything and everyone now. Your head bangs every night. You think too much. Your mind is covered in thoughts. Everyday, the headache worsens.

Your mother kind of noticed. She came into your room to speak with you. To know if anything was bothering you but you didn’t speak up. For you, she won’t understand. You don’t want to worry parents. You kept wallowing in pain. Sadness. Fear.

under the sheets

This morning, you woke up with a determination. To end everything eating you up. Draining you. You called your friends. Hung out with them. You chatted all through. They were surprised at the sudden change of behavior. You got home that evening. Prepared dinner. Ate with your parents and siblings.

That was it. You’ve had a nice day with those you love. But the sadness. Pains were still there. But you didn’t mind. You would end it soon. You laid down. Waiting for the time.

11:00PM. The alarm startled you. Slowly, you got out of bed. Made to the window. Tied down the long rope to the leg of your table and to your neck. You climbed up and looked down to the dark street. No second thought. Something was pushing you to do it.

You were just going to jump when the light came on immediately. It was from a room opposite your house. Your eyes went there immediately. Then you saw it. The inscription boldly written.

“Don’t be afraid to live! You’re life itself!”

You jumped down immediately. Felt a new wave of calmness. You’re a survivor.

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