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Oh the shame I have caused,
The tears in the eyes of my mother,
The words from my father.

Abort the baby,
For the man responsible,
Has denied my ever existence,
His loving words are all gone.

Abort the baby,
Before I become ugly,
There won’t be girls outing,
There will be no more night pranks on the guys.

under the sheets

Abort the baby,
Before my fitted cloths reject me,
Then oversized becomes my best pal,

Abort the baby,
For it the only way,
All this shame won’t have to become mine.

Abort the baby,
What if I lose my life,
Or I lose my womb,
What if the child is meant to be great.

Abort the baby,
Then I will be seen as a coded killer,
Then my life will be more complicated,
And my family more disgraced than ever.

Oh I say no to abortion,
For every child is a blessing,
No matter the situation,
I abort not my baby,
For it a sin.


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