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Poemify Publishers

for the love of everything art, we exist.

Poemify Publishers Inc. is an online platform created for African writers and story lovers, where they can share and read everything literature; these include but not limited to: Poetry, Prose, Fiction, Non-fiction, Drama, Photography, Articles/Essays, Creative writing tutorials, Spoken word poetry, etc.

Our Goal & Mission

Our goal is to encourage reading/writing culture of African youths and also have their works published with ease.

Our mission is to give young writers a space in the literary world to showcase their creativity, to inspire young writers to strive for excellence using their talents and skills, and also to impact lives, initiate positive change in the African continent and also entertain.

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Praises For Poemify

You can trust Poemify Publishers with your book project. They will take the stress for you and give you a masterpiece of what you want at the fastest turnaround time.Bob-Manuel OsujiDecember 18, 2019
Great app. Get your favy poems here. More upgrades here developer.😉😉Rexomaniac KonectDecember 17, 2019
Poemify is simply the place to go to once you're eager and a good follower of the arts. I'll recommend here over a thousand times if need be!Precious OkechukwuDecember 17, 2019
A place to be for all writers and readers alike.David AnyatonwuDecember 17, 2019
They offer the best publishing experience and their customers satisfaction is top notch. I believe they are surely going to turn the world of the Nigeria publishing company for better. Thank you for standing out, PoemifyKudabo VictoryMarch 8, 2020
Poemify Publishers have been doing a great deal of purposeful work towards promoting all-round literature across Africa using the instrument of social media and overall publishing business.Loba RidwanDecember 17, 2019
Poemify brings innovation to the art and business of literature publishing. I have used the publisher on several literary projects. It's a one stop shop for content management, design, publishing, marketing and engagement. One of Nigeria's disruptor of literature publishing.funsoDecember 17, 2019
The depth of wit and emotions unravelled here is greatly unparalleled. Kudos,y'all!Favour Chiemela OnohDecember 23, 2019
Art is life and Poemify makes this life more beautiful. The moment you enter this site, you'll feel like you're in another world living the best life ever with wonderful books and well woven write-ups. This site is really one of the best Literary Sites you'll ever come across.Jay PreciousDecember 17, 2019
This site is the next big thing in literal community. With lots of book and more to come, this is home for every art lover. Easy to access too.Igwe CynthiaDecember 17, 2019
I love literature, and this website has really been satisfying me.Maryann Ifunanya IgweDecember 17, 2019
Poemify publishers promotes the beauty of literature. Undoubtedly, this is the best publishing site you would ever come across. Beautiful stories. Poems. Are always at your service. I hope you enjoy this site. Give it a try and you would not be disappointed.Vivian ChimdinduDecember 18, 2019
Poemify is the real deal. Interesting books for your reading pleasure (and for free too 🙂) Opportunity to publish your work and get known. Highly affordable too.Victoria MbachuDecember 17, 2019
I've enjoyed beautiful contents here.Abonyi ChinonyeDecember 18, 2019
Poemify is second to none, A home where poem and captivating stories is being cooked. Give me the opportunity to love poemify one million times plus, it's just the best.Ask Coach EllaDecember 17, 2019
Don't miss this. Get published with one of the best online publishers.Priye Jasper BokumoDecember 17, 2019
My experience with Poemify is simply phenomenal. I'm always flabber-wow-gasted, if you'll let me use that. If I could give Poemify seven stars, I'll do that over and again. The best, ever!ALFRED JOSEPHDecember 17, 2019
It feels like a whole new world of literary delicacies. Poemify is your best bet for poetry redefined.Victoria WillieDecember 17, 2019
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Poemify Academy

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Our Team

Jaachi Anyatonwu

Jaachi Anyatonwu

Chief Editor/Founder

Iwu Jeff

Iwu Jeff

Editor (Fiction/Non Fiction)

Victory Kudabo

Kudabo Victory

Web Manager

Maxwell Opia-Enwemuche

Maxwell Opia-Enwemuche

Editor (Poetry)

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