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The day has hijacked the night, and the sun whips brightness on the day
The day runs faster like a snail to catch the dark night
Sometimes the moon is good to touch the night with its brightness.
Here’s my world. This is where I was created and where I was born with tearful eyes.
Ain’t we all blind from the inside?
To have been ripped off the good life we all deserve
To have been dead long of ignorance and inability of one voice as human we are
To have allowed thieves and crooks to have their hands in every pots
To have been slaughtered off our vision by hypocrites and deceivers of change
To have let humanity suffer, pain, and agony we never deserve.

Slowly slow my country sinks, economy burning in the gutters, rituals, theft, and abductions
All atrocity and bad governance taking to mud leaders of tomorrow
For many years that we allow lies bring comfort to our hearts, Whipping us of corruptions
Do you see that man who says he’s Godly? Why do you regret after you vote him?
He has the same type of feather with his father and his ancestors, isn’t he in the same circle!

Ain’t we all blind from the outside?
To have let he the politics power corrupts the human manifold and made us fatherland slaves
To have let our lives sink and sweeps with the dirt in the gutters
To have been sicken and forcefully injected by poverty pills in our land
Gone days, the white man pounds and euros is same as my currency, sadden now it’s useless!
But how do we change the system? Not when we have no eyes to see and a brain to think!

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