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I joined the slaughtering altar today
to slaughter a whale-sized elephant, the biggest flower;
to yield the highest metred volume of red flow-er
Wanting to fly highmost like Icarus in his gaiety
Took a ship over the sea to the Promised Land
With rope too thick for death to cut with his scythe
I dragged my animal from drowning in the red sea

Just the entrance besmalls me and my thing
The big ball on the pole looks like a lily pud
and why are these trees sword-like
flat, top-pointed, double-edged, and swaying
like the paspalum virgatum of my homeland, dancing
Could I be in a land where I’m small
And this is no Gulliver’s Travels, sure not

On my thought’s back rode I through the 15km-thick gate
Almost crushed by a giant foot with my chicken
I took to the wall like the blind worm to reach the altar
A familiar giant’s attention I got once there
Told me the sea I crossed is someone’s flow-er
Held up in his hand, I can now see it all
I wonder if my animal could drown in that
what flow-er could it make here
Probably a pinch of salt.

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