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The poem 'Ambush' by Oluwadamilare Akinsole is an adaptation of Gbemisola Adeoti's poem "Ambush". Theme is depression and its negative impact.

Depression is a giant whale
that swallows the sinker
with hook, line and bait
Aborting projected dreams.
Saul turn home at dusk
with warriors with forsaken pouches
all howling over their loss.

Depression is a saber toothed tiger,
that roars in the mind
while the weak hang on fruitful trees
The strong fortifies their mind.
It roars in whisper
Halting actualization of dreams.

Depression is a giant hawk
That courts unceasing disaster
Sucking away nectars of fruitful dreams
as it hovers and hoot in the mind.

Depression lays asymptomatically
waiting for a chance of its.
Pruning off good fruits to the ground
to be fed to the bats,
and forever be left impotent.

Oluwadamilare Akinsole
Oluwadamilare Akinsole
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