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An Eye

There is an eye in everyone,
A vista for every man.
The curtains are opened,
The blind men are not blind,
Sound gave sight to Cobhams Asuquo!
We can yet see beyond the horizon-
And we, in view, can feel colours,
like Chimammanda’s purple hibiscus.
We can behold a newer version of a better vision.
We can see aside our overwhelming limitations.
And when our roads and paths are blocked-
We can tread on water to our destination.
No challenge is yet to be beaten.
No beast is yet to be eaten.
Our dreams are possible!
We are possible.
Through a clap of hands and feet,
With a mind of ‘I am fit’_
We can fall flat the giant wall.
We can always win the war.
And though you may not see it-
With the black and white balls is your socket_
There is yet an eye I know_
Within myself and you and all.
That sees beyond what lies before.
And if today I come to ask-
What will be the thing you see?

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