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The word "Anyalị" means an albino. This poem extols and eulogize this one whom our contemporary seems to neglect.


Your eyes are the mirrors of the afterwards:
it tells the seeker about life
yours are the sum of the sanctity of osebuluwa:
The rays of lights in this evil world
dread the purity.
Your eyes are deep, darkness drowns
when you look.
your beauty strikes like the lightening of the rainbow at night
your color sums the sacredness of life
the lurking of evil dreads your charms

Apụ na anwụ:
the glory of the day, the only virtue in the night
You lack nothing
the pure perfection of Chukwu okike
In you is no dent or dirt,
your words are mirth for the spirits
Your spittles are liquor for incantation
You’re the true incarnation of life
your chi is the essence of our life
All other races trace their house
in your blood trails.

i hear your litany said in the shrines
of ezumezu
the water in our ancestral hearth
damps your fury,
only your eyes see clear in the dark
Your sacred eyes hide in blindness
Too holy to behold evil in the day.

beauty is not being fair
if beauty be fair,
It would blow her air
On every breathing face,
but to give you all her grace
And make sure you
Are the sum of all her charm
I’d say she did a lot of dames harm
Why not she be like the morning dew
That waters all the earth anew?
Your chi baptized you like the times of the day,
your complexion is the reflection of your sacred heart,
Your beauty is eternal, nothing bleaches
Your skin, anyalị.
ịdị ka achọ. who do not want you?

Nelson Prayyz Emmanuel
Nelson Prayyz Emmanuel
Articles: 1

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