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“V is not a top three Asa album, but it might be her most important album. She needed sustenance and this will give her that and then some.”

Couldn’t have agreed more to Motolani Alake’s statement above. Contrary to the view of fans and most critics, I particularly think that Asa’s V was nothing close to a letdown. The complaint from listeners seemed more like a disappointment in their projected expectations, rather than the good work of music presented.

As much as maintaining a pattern could be a niche for singers, things could go sideways if creativity is lacking in the pieces presented, and this is far from the case here. I mean, V clearly highlights the singer’s tone of love in the whole album, sounding more like someone who had found peace, maybe in love, which is clearly substituted for the oceans, even a name for the album’s second track.

The creative evolution of the beautiful singer is underappreciated and lacking the accolades due, as some have called it a dwindle in the beautiful music class she used to be known for.

under the sheets

After the 2010 release of Beautiful Imperfection, Asa was off the grid of music, a period when she kept fans and abject lovers of her music in a great state of yearning. Of course, she came back with an amazing banger of an album, titled Bed of Stones, in 2014. Bed of Stones clearly presented rebirth or growth, a new Asa was seen; a leap from what was probably a state of being naive, to a state of rigidity. Now, V is here- beautifully directed by Meji Alabi and produced by Prime Beatz, featuring famous artists like BigWiz (Wizkid) and Amaarae, the album comes with a list of ten tracks and with a fusion of genres like soul, pop, folk, and even afro-beats. Asa’s V speaks a lot about a state of self-love, serenity, and romance, which people in the same state of feeling would deeply appreciate. The singer appears to be telling stories from a state of thought or of her mood, just as Kingsley Agwuma mentioned in the last paragraph of his Vangaurd review of Asa’s V album, saying: “…V is more like an expression of Asa’s dominant thought, it is love.” 

Asa has undoubtedly come a long way, which has been backed up by beautiful series of music- for the love of music and to the pleasure of her wide and global listeners. If she has decided to somewhat make this album about her, then we should enjoy its creativity. 

The only disappointment here is definitely not in creativity and good music, but in expectations from people who expect the lyrical queen to maintain an identical pattern of music with her previous albums, for almost two decades, of which we’ll have to give her a bit of a break. Music is change and change is constant. If you don’t appreciate the evolution in lyrics and pattern from your favourites, how are you even a music lover then?

For some personal reasons, people may find faults in her recent work, just as a friend of mine didn’t fancy the fusion of afro-beats. But if you appreciate love, serenity, good music, and soul cruise, then you may want to start by swaying your hips to Mayana, then you can pick a favourite, after you must have keenly listened through and to the last of the tracks- Love me or give me red wine.

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