Author: FRANK Njugi

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Frank Njugi (He/Him) is a Writer, Poet and Screenwriter based in Nairobi Kenya. His work has been featured on KalahariReview, FieryScribe review, AfroRep, Writers space Africa (PoeticAfrica), Zeitgeistpulse of culture ,Mental Rhythm Magazine ,and is forthcoming in others. He goes as @franknjugi on all platforms.

THE INTRICACIES OF AFFECTION Have you ever bathed in a woman’s warm light The pleasant ardour that is a woman’s endearment and flattering homage Like a gentle flurry of air, it fondles you in a pacifying and soft manner Keeping you sane and afar from all your insecurities Keeping you free from all exertions that bring forth your flaws…. And those imperfections that previously made you feel like you’re undeserving of the felicitations of any in the world… 或者     Have you ever douched yourself in a man’s insulating bod His touch being a kaleidoscope of the serenity that can be found…

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