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Ayub Nyanchongi Linford is a lover of words. To him, they are like a number game. When added, subtracted or simultaneously worked on, they can recreate or shape the world. He has been pushed in various anthologies and magazines. Also, he is regular contributor to the Africa Yard Creative Magazine.

Miles away, I miss family’s smilesThe laughter in their throats crack me upBut I’ve been caught in between deadly warsThrough lies and deceit, we cover crimes upThrough the state media, fake news is leaked outSome military soldiers have gone rogueStreet signs and city’s names have been scrapped outWe can’t move left or right, all we see is fog Perhaps its smoke, there’s a smell of burnt fleshHuman flesh is roasted for birds of prey.With cold days and hot nights, nothing is freshI choke carrying heavy artilleryThe military training was a hoaxAnd I dread coming back home in a box!

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