Author: Onipede Festus Moses

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ONIPEDE Festus Moses is a linguist and poet. He is from Ogun State, Nigeria.  He has some of his poems published in the following anthology: Beyond the Horizon: An Inter-continental Anthology, Aurora: An Anthology of English Poetry, Prose, Short Stories, Interviews, One-Act Plays, and Articles, Insulatus: An Anthology of Modern English Poetry, among others. He also writes poems, articles, short stories, and one-act plays for Lipi International Magazine.and Nairapen.

This poem, “Jumping Jumping”, discusses the rampant incidents of suicide in African countries, most especially Nigeria. It reiterates that Traditional, Islamic, and Christian religions do not support suicide.

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The beautiful ones are born But they are like caged birds Whose wings are clipped And their feet tied They only sing to themselves hymns of hope Like a pregnant woman expecting a baby. The beautiful ones are born To claim their rights Like the ‘Native Son’ But they are only heard of suffering When they are beaten like bàtá drum But still hope for better life. The beautiful ones are born But in their claim for egalitarianism They take to protest And the ugly ones lay ambush The ugly ones through their mercenaries With their sabre-tooth Truncate the beautiful…

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