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The breaking of the dawn is here
It’s a bright day full of possibilities
Being awake gives a chance for thankfulness
An opportunity to start afresh
Not all who saw dusk witnessed the dawn
Thinking this way will help make a good use of today

I’m awake because I have visions to pursue
Dreams to chase with all my strength
I will not waste this precious moment
For it can change my future’s fate
I will do all I can to become better
And won’t rest till my goals are met

Though I know the road may be rough
Yeah, there may be many hard times
Yet, my gaze and focus will not change
I will use the strength of the dawn in my favor
I will never waste the chance of being awake
For it’s a gift the dead wanted but never had!

Awake I say, though sluggard and lazy folk
Hear the bird whistle and pray
Lest thou turn to a prey
The day breaks and calls for work
The morning passes and the night draws near

under the sheets

Awake I say awake,
For thou will be judged by thy attitude
Towards life’s challenges and hurdles
When will thou reach your altitude
Except thou strengthen thy girdle

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