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This piece is meant to prod the fainthearted into getting up and deciding to truly live.

If words are not enough
Then use drawn lines
And if even lines won’t do
Then create images
And if still lines say too little
Then, by Jove, make them move
But, by all means, tell your story
Because I assure you:
It’s one thing nobody will do well enough for you.

Tell of those pangs
Inflicted on you by life’s fangs.

Tell of the good and bad stunts
That you undertook to satisfy your wants.

under the sheets

Tell of the things that made you droll
And of all that dulled your stroll.

Tell of the hands you held
And the beauties you beheld.

You could leave us a string of words
Or a few strokes on palette
Or a not-so-melodious song
Or one crazy snapshot
Or a tape of moving you,
It doesn’t matter how
But it does matter when
& by whom it is told.

So tell your story;
Start telling now!

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I am a firm believer in the salvaging, boundless authority of words. I reckon that when words are given flow, they can gift a banishing blow to everything that's not letting all of our joy show.

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