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These beliefs that have been accepted,
and the opinions that have been married,

The notion that society has cultivated,
and the ones people have adopted

That men are not allowed to cry;
You must hold your emotions

And control your temper
because emotions are another cover-up for weakness,

under the sheets

Because these things stop you
from being a man.

That you must be a man,
even if being a man is not an option.

That you must turn your mind into a war front,
Battling between societal judgment and people’s opinions

Just to maintain the title of a man.
A man enough.

And it is all fair to some,
The ones who place their chairs by God’s table

To judge without considering,
and infer men’s emotions as weakness.

But how much knowledge is enough to speak for a gender,
And how many questions can address perception?

Because men are the opponents in a wicked story,
And the victim of a silly belief.

Though men are human,
And humans have emotions.

A man’s sin is owning emotions,
A man’s fault is being human.

Because around here,
Being a man is a sin.

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Isiaka A. Kromah is an acclaimed poet, novelist, spoken-word artist, and social change agent . His work across multiple disciplines broadly addressed the narratives of human experience and challenges through poetry. He is one of the authors of SOPWBACOP 20, one of the World's biggest anthology of contemporary poetry. A winner of the Healing power of poetry Monthly poet. A certified poet of the Asian literary society and the author behind the amazing collection of poems entitled : Victim

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