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When your barns, pockets, bank account and vats are empty
When your throat and body are dry with unquenchable thirst
When your brain is so weary; your mind devoid of ideas
All you need is food and water; act of kindness all you want
This can come from friends who care; from only true allies
From loving companions who always stay close
This is fair but hard to find, like a diamond among stones

When your clothes fade away, with no money for new ones
When your raiment changes colour and you openly stink
When you need a stich in time; and a mend on your dress
All you need, an act of kindness; new clothes and needles!
This can come from friends who care; from only true allies
Who forbid to see your rags, and disdain you on dirty shreds
They will travel many miles to give your body good covering
They will make you glitz like stars and sparkle like rare gems

When your heart is heavily wounded, and you languish in pain
When you bleed in anguish; and your soul feels very weary
True companions lend a smile, making you happy and glad
This act is rare to find, ‘Cos many folks mind their ways
If you find a fried who cares, an ally who shows concern
That’s for sure the best of kindness; enjoy it for a moment

When your bones refuse to work; and your body is tired
When you languish on your bed, and your feet so heavy
Your muscles fail to stretch, and your nerves tingle
True companions stay with you; they feel safe in your tent
They will sit down beside you; giving rhythms of hope
Telling you, ‘you will survive’, ‘you will surely win’
‘This is just a tide to cross’, ‘you will end up a victor’

under the sheets

When your mind is confused, and green light is missing
Your thoughts so muddled, and you find it hard to fight
When a fault can cost your wealth, a mistake your dear life
True allies pave the way! Their counsels lead you aright
Their wise words; a guiding light, shinning along your path
This is still an act of kindness; a true friend can freely give
Such allies so rare to find; among many heaps of stones!

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