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It is often said that writers are agents of change. Believe me, this goes beyond the surface to encompass the fact that every writer has a message in their heart which they bear. Like a torch bearer, their messages are written down and disseminated to the world as a way of their contribution. Some of these messages can come handy either for gratis or for a token.

There’s an increase in the number of writers in the world be it from any quarter. It is a fact that whenever you’re able to articulate thoughts by bringing them to life on paper, you should beat your hands on your chest for having achieved a feat. One thing is to think about an idea or a creative idea and another thing is to successfully replicate same on paper for intensive study and research if need be. The mind is a deep well of ideas and when we think to create, we are only mining the depth of intellectual deposits that has been clamouring for creative emancipation.

Recently, I released a book, Ozoemena, a collection of poems, with series of writings throwing light on the aforementioned book. I got series of applause from my Facebook friends and Emojis were flying here and there. It has been one month of release and non of my Facebook friends have deemed it fit to buy a copy and thrill me with a review.

The positive shocker came for me when I saw an alert from a loyal brand ambassador who emerged from the blues and purchased my book. Even though I am yet to record the level of sales I projected, this one gave me a sense of belonging I needed. I have communicated with him.

under the sheets

If you’re yet to download, the links to my book are everywhere. You can start with this below:


This book, Ozoemena, is also available on Okadabooks platform and Poemify shop online. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kindly share your experience about the book, Ozoemena, with me through a live chat. Click on the link below.


Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi
Author, The Oracle of Isieke || Diary of a Keke Driver || Ozoemena

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