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Go to Bethlehem,
tell Mary, that her jubilation should come with mixed feelings.
There should be a combination of happiness and silent sadness.
While she pushed out the Messiah,
Someone, somewhere, sacrificed his place on Earth for Him.
The cries you hear far South are not that of happiness
Or perfect state of mind. That is of a broken hearted sibling who just covered the eye lids of her brother.

While the angels sing,
and the host of heavens proclaim sweet melody
& the voices of the earth sing “Unto Us a Child is Born”,
Let’s not forget to decipher the other song from the next compound.
It might be of lamentation, who knows?
Or of scornful shouts that hide true feelings, maybe.
Let’s not forget to console the souls of those who died of lack
and show empathy to those who need to be shown empathy.
By the way, God”shows mercy to whom He will show Mercy”
So let our empathy rise from the trust part of humanity,
let it form blue clouds of clear hope across faces.

As you present your gifts to the Messiah,
don’t forget to place some too before the feet that wears no shoes;
feet that stand in the hotness of the sun day in, day out,
shoulders that carry the cold of the hamattarn
& the backpack of life turmoil has become their hunch back: a permanent identify they bear.
As you go to Bethlehem,
tell the Messiah that his arrival is another’s departure
and the happiness of the Virgin,
is a turmoil to another “virgins here.
Tell him that His arrival, that of happiness and fufilment,
is worth celebrating but not with empty stomachs, broken faith and shaky hope stand.

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