Wrote this down to cheer me up, on a certain day when my confidence was down. I came to the realization that people will always talk no matter what.

As humans, we are always quick to judge others whilst ignoring our many faults in us. This poem paints a perfect picture of it.

The poem speaks about a great indigenous town, Zaria, its inhabitants, their practice and their way of life.

“I joined the slaughtering altar today
to slaughter a whale-sized elephant, the biggest flower;
to yield the highest metred volume of red flow-er”

‘WHEN MEN CRY, THEY CRY PAIN’ tells about how the poet describes men, and their daily means to fend for their family using her ‘father’ as a case study. Along the line, the poem also reveals how they(men) silently goes through this all alone, but don’t reveal it since ‘men don’t cry’, they inhale the workload and go through pains.