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Like every other aspect of human culture, Music has experienced a series of changes. Be it in terms of lyrical content, genre, or use of instrumentals. For an average man, the love and attractiveness towards music have occupied a substantial space in his body, mind, and spirit. If he is stressed out, angry, joyous; whichever way his mood swings too, listening to music soothes his mind. It brings with it, peace and tranquility for the betterment of his wellbeing.

However, modern-day music, on a large scale, has become endowed with poor, non-substantial contents, which has led many to believe the notion that “Lyrics is of no importance when the beat is melodious.” This is evident in most people who always say: We don’t listen to the lyrics. We only dance to the beats.” Fair enough, that’s the absolute truism of today’s musical world.

This poem seeks to address a few things, part of which are:
– Stigmatization of non-listeners of music
– How songwriters and artists have succeeded in creating a social distance between their listeners and their Creator.
– Violence and social vices are promoted through musical content.