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Scar-ed by Donald Enweremchi


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We are pleased to announce that ‘SCAR-ED,’ a chapbook by Donald Enweremchi, is now available for purchase on Poemify Bookstore.


SCAR-ED, a chapbook by Donald Enweremchi, takes us on a journey into the true traumatic experiences of another man. It’s like holding a magnifying lens and sliding over the intricate pieces of a person’s soul. Each word is a new door, and each sentence is a new room. Each piece, reliving. The stories become familiar both to the one who reads and to the one who has written.

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About Donald Enweremchi

Donald Enweremchi Christian is a talented photographer and poet from Isiala Ngwa North, Abia State. He has a deep passion for the arts, particularly poetry. From a young age, he has captured moments through his camera lens and woven words together. 

Inspired by the power of words, Donald began writing poems at 12, exploring emotions and the beauty of life. His evocative poetry reflects keen observation, true experiences, and a unique perspective on sharing his artistic vision with a wider audience. 

As a member of the Aba Poetry Club, this chapbook showcases Donald’s poetic prowess. He hones his craft by engaging with fellow poets and participating in literary events. 

When not immersed in writing or capturing scenes, Donald finds solace in nature and draws inspiration from its boundless beauty. He cherishes time with himself and his friends, who support his creative journey. 

How to Get a Copy of SCAR-ED

SCAR-ed’ is now available for purchase on Poemify Bookstore. To download the book, click here or click the ‘buy now’ button below.
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