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Title: The Missing Book of St Valentine
Author: Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi
Year of Publication: 2020
Publisher: Poemify Publishers Aba, Nigeria.
Reviewer: Ebubechukwu Bruno Nwagbo

Does St. Valentine know that your partner will elope with another partner on Lovers’ Day? Is St. Valentine aware that his day would be turned into a day for making new ties in between thighs, even as old ones are broken? Did he foresee these things? If he did, did he leave us with a manual on how to deal with these things?

In the “Missing Book of St. Valentine”, Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi a true disciple of love passes to us instructions he received from the revered Saint. Instructions that though were there since time immemorial, were hijacked, misplaced and put far from the reach of lovers. Hence the name “The Missing Book of St Valentine”

The first section of this book is in form of a scripture. At a close read of this part, a reader will discover that it is originally written in the “thou and thee” language of the scriptures. However, the love Saint is not about to bore you with another “ten commandments”. Rather, the first part of this book is written in a scripture style to remind all lovers that love is a sacred affair, all those who go into love must do so with honesty. In order to enjoy its benefits and preserve their own honour. As well as the honour of the institution of love.

It speaks of the lips, of holy kiss, of good morning that leads to “enjoying the morning with moaning” in “wors-hip”.

under the sheets

With Love comes Romance, the “Missing Book of St. Valentine” is filled with lines on sex, romance and urges for orgies. The book of Valentine chapter 1: 11 says “deny not your urge when you are ready for your lover”. If you are conversant with sacred words, you will know that it strong effect on the listeners or readers, such that transport them to a world of vision, prophecy and of speaking in tongues. This is same with Opia-Enwemuche’s “The Missing Book of St Valentine”. If you drink the words of St. Valentine, you would be sure to…

find a thousand and one ways to speak in tongue,
"dig into the deep", reaching and breaking with the rod like that of Moses the squirting honey pot in the sweet middle and
"moan till morning".
"The Missing Book of St Valentine" is a book on pleasure, of orgasm and love. 

In “How to spell pleasure”, the love bard tells us that pleasure is: “The Missing Book of St Valentine” is a book on pleasure, of orgasm and love. In “How to spell pleasure”, the love bard tells us that pleasure is:


Pleasure is not for the faint hearted, but a desire for the
strong to explore. 
Place your hands around her waist &
forget about the shore.

Found in a location

Let my mind appear dirty before you that I maybe be
cleansed, washed & become whole anew. For the beauty of
your laundry with milk gives a lasting memory like a machine.

Amongst other things

Many have asked, what does “I love you” truly mean? Is it a way of ending a phone call? Is it what relations or friends say to each other when parting? Or what customer relations officers say to their customers.

In this 28-page book, “St. Valentine” himself tells us what it means to say or to hear “I love you”.

In “Valentine 14:2” and “February 14” “Valentine, the son of Hyginus, who deals on Titus sardines” tells us amongst other things;

-how to celebrate Lovers' Day.
-how to come to prepare for the appointments of the day.
- how to deal with the disappointments of the day when it happens.
In "How to spell horny", lovers
" reopen the honey way,
causing you to sweat water
& live with my memory forever"

Using the incantations of the alphabets of pleasure, you are released into the atmosphere of ” Worship”

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Take The Missing Book of St Valentine with you even if you are going to make love on the moon.

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— Ebubechukwu Bruno Nwagbo

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