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In this collection of poems, Oletu Oghenenyore will walk you through the minds of depressed souls whose faces are always lit with the brightest of smiles whilst they are dying on the inside. You will read how the world that scares and scars, nurtures and nips, comforts and confronts drives people into a cesspool of acute sadness, one they try too hard, in futility, to climb out of.

‘Life In The Crucible’ will remind you of the chaotic prancing of a depressed mind posed by the dissenting voices of never-resting demons. It will show you how depression causes the feeling of inadequacy, makes you feel like an eternal failure, even when you accomplish things better than others, and causes a lot of black and white thinking, such as believing that if it isn’t roses and violets, you are doomed to thorns. You will see when you have read it that it will call your name in an experience shared, saying, “hey, I’ve been there, and I’ve felt that. Don’t give in yet.”


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