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Onyemaechi Maxwell Opia-Enwemuche brings to the literary and national discourse a mélange of poems and a Jeremiad, a single collection which has deployed platoon-sized questions against the unquestioned facts of history that is Biafra. In a country where history and Biafra seem to be off-limits of sorts, this fearless poet probes farther than one could think. His literary enterprise centres Abagana, Asaba, actors and sectors as well as other wartime flashpoints with a mind that conceives not Biafra as a never-never land but as the sun that rises with each dawn in a land that denies such light and its numerous breakthroughs that we now grapple to match. This is a lurid piece everybody living about and in this age should endeavour to read. The author takes to the stage, uncovers the past with – mostly – the potent tool of poetry…. For this age and the next that comes!



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