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Victoria B. Willie and Jaachị Anyatọnwụ bring you “Under The Sheets”, a collection of poems exploring the wet depths of erotic love. The poems in this book are erotically charged, amplifying a latent protest to erect monuments to the primordial force of sex: an attempt to recapture the sensuous, mysterious, and profoundly human experience of intimacy.

“Under the Sheets” emphasizes the necessity for words to reveal the erotic; the act of staring at people and their bodies until it is altered by uncontrolled desire language, brewed by explicit pun, and refined by resonating metaphor.

“Under the Sheets” shows how much we need the deliciously naughty and all of the subtle and important freedom, joy, and connection it can provide. In between the pages of this book, you will find the remnants of a fierce and unbridled passion, intertwined with the ache of explosive wanton desires.




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