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The theme for International Women’s Day 2020
Was #EqualForEqual but that’s a hospitalized equality
Because one hand is still above the other
In the picture they flooded the internet with.

When it comes to humanity and sexuality,
Equality is not what we should fight for,
But respect for uniqueness because that’s what we are,
We’ll only be stronger when our uniqueness are loved and adored.

We live in a world where boys are always quickened to,
“Be a man! Be a man!
When they are not properly taught
How to be a man?
The little they are taught,
Some are falacy philosophies that break us as men
To front supremacy without dignity.

under the sheets

Dear God,
Today is World Father’s Day,
The UN has no plan for us,
To them, we’re bastards, we can fend for ourselves;
But the reality is, 5% of us get it right
And the rest, becomes domestic hazards
In different mask of shame.

Dear God,
Teach us to be better boys,
Teach us to be beloved brothers,
Teach us to be faithful fathers,
Teach our manhood to bring us honour
And not shame by a gush of rash emotions.

Dear Boy Child! Dear Brother, Dear Father!
You’re humanity,
You’re a blessing,
Celebrate yourself
When you’re not celebrated.

Let thy conscience teach you
To be the man that will bless humanity
And not the man that will mess humanity.

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