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A poem describing the horrors of being broken emotionally, the feeling of aloneness, the anxiety and the feeling of sinking deep into ditch of sadness

We like dark corners, We like darkness
We like silence, don’t want new friends
Obsessed with our demons
Engaging in mental masturbation
We’re lonely
So We made friends with anxiety
The rapid beating of the chest
The deep breaths
They are music to our hears
Music for broken people

We love being alone, but don’t want to be lonely
Obsessed with control
Dangerous, so manipulative
We made the decision to give our heart out
We got back broken flesh of a thousand pieces
“It’s not that I don’t trust you, I don’t trust myself
You’re the best, I don’t deserve you”
Anytime we find love
That’s our song
The only sound we know
Music for broken people

We assume those thoughts are gone
The debris of sad experiences
Bad memories
They’re our fears’ genesis
They left us, they broke us
Lied to us
Now we think everyone is out to get us
We function best with heightened emotions
We’re in constant battle with ourselves
A part of us loves to yell
Another wants help
We’ll make changes and get relief from our stress
We’ll lose our fears
Pick them up again
Run from healing
We’re broken
We know it
It is the music of broken people

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  1. This poem is powerful. I love it