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Call me a woman,
the one whose name is IBUKUN!
who’s as hard as rock,
and soft as silk.
whose mouth spills poison
and antidote, and roars like
a fearless lion.
who’s afefe, the storm that
strikes without remorse
yet, calm like the morning dew.

A template of fine arts
where nature sits in her domain.
whose presence refine dust into
jewel, and stones to pebbles.

Call me a woman, mai tasiri!
the gender who bores a seed,
and carries milk in her breast.
whose thigh weighs an antelope,
whose silence is pain
and her words lift mountains.
whose laughter is tears,
whose tears are thunderstorms.
when she stands, the ground trembles,
the waterfalls do not drop.

Mai daukan Ido!
the one whose skin glitters as diamond,
her hair as black as charcoal.
the one who breaks her back–
for her children.
who gives light to darkness.
whose steps are as proud as peacocks
and tread her paths with bliss.
call me a woman!

under the sheets
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