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“I joined the slaughtering altar today
to slaughter a whale-sized elephant, the biggest flower;
to yield the highest metred volume of red flow-er”

‘WHEN MEN CRY, THEY CRY PAIN’ tells about how the poet describes men, and their daily means to fend for their family using her ‘father’ as a case study. Along the line, the poem also reveals how they(men) silently goes through this all alone, but don’t reveal it since ‘men don’t cry’, they inhale the workload and go through pains.

“Black Boy” is a call to glorify the beauty of black skin and the collective black story. For too long black people have remained shunned and unacknowledged. This poem seeks to remedy that.

The title of the poem “Journey” resonates with the cycle of life. That is for those with the intention of getting a life partner. Most daughters unintentionally want to end up with a man that is like their father. A Relationship is truly a bed of roses with thorns. This only means that it is left for the couple to make it work.