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Sometimes we get a glance well at the work of nature, we appreciate it, and strive towards it. But alas, that thing might sound very difficult accessing. And the feeling is just like an eagle escaping from it’s book of perfect description.

Umar Zanna Sunoma

All the way back to the Holly ambience in mid-October
Like returning back to the homeland after twice three score and ten of exile
The ambience seems very serene, and so welcoming, with a clover at every corner
A home so intriguing, with coy breeze raining all over in percentile

There I grabbed my Holly book with a feeling of euphoria and nostalgia
And every word I recite seems calming, like receiving a lullaby from the only mummy
Knocks in minutes of inspirational loss of focus, plus dramatic dyslexia
Yummy rummy anomie in a sacred academy, gosh!! Is this really a blasphemy?

As I stretched my eyes so wide to its acme of elasticity, I took it offside and off
Was that a moral obligation? as I got back to sight like the car wipers on the move
I have finally seen the physical definition of beauty which my eyes will always scoff
Indeed, a rose flower that outshines the forest trees in the galaxy, so adorable and behove

I smelled the scent in her voice, so sweet that it can vanquish the trauma in the hearts
The smile in her face so likable, like living lavishly in lovely lagoons and lightening lakes
And my eyes remain dancing to the tune of her steps, what a beautiful work of arts!
Gazing at the Rose flower ever clicking day remains my satisfaction with no aches

under the sheets

But accessing her for forever is like reaching for the Stars with no feathers
Alas, could she be a chimera evoking to my inside the bewilders?

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