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A prose poetry – the lover calles forth to his soul mate for a love that perseveres.

Come to me Señorita
It has always been you, dear Rita
Darn those that thought it was your sister.
No it wasn’t! It was never Amanda.

Run swiftly into my arms!
And I’ll walk in the dark with you with your hands clinched to my palms
We’ll chuckle together as we meddle under the tree of palm
And with your dazzling voice of a thousand choir and my melodic alto ever ready to back you up we will sing aloud to Jah in psalms

When you’re with me they think I’m Romeo
Like after our love what follows
But, what we share, they just don’t know:
It’s very long-lived and coarse and so without hollow

under the sheets

Should I tell you of how I transformed lores into love?
And, your flaws destroyed completely by my endless rove
Or how I wrapped swiftly their envious claws trying to prick our joy with a single glove,
dumping their ceaseless rant in the flames, watching it burn in my blazing stove

Come, let’s clash our fears in the cymbals of fire;
as we let ourselves blush blue in an adorable sapphire.
Please, never put off that cyanic robe and beads of many colours I admire.
That a million dollar smile is worn widely across your visage is all I desire

Tell me where you’d love to spend your eternity;
in my arms or in a different utopia of serenity?
Oh! My dear, I wish to search out your heart of purity
And after that, I’ll let love lead. Only love, not superiority

Promise that you’ll stay up to the end
Promise you’ll not leave me for the short-lived goodies of life, the whimsical trends
Promise that even at the age of “an eye for an eye”, you won’t trade my heart for gold
I’ll still keep you fresh in the chapters of my mind even when my limbs are cold and my age; old.


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