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The word corpsocracy is a neologism which is used to describe a situation where the ruler of a country is dead yet being ruled as if he/she is still living, and such a situation, the truth is being hidden from the masses. This could also refer to a situation where a ruler is insouciant, doing nothing to curtail the crises wrecking the nation. In this case it is said that he/she is dead. Read this poem titled ‘Corpsocracy’, by Precious Harrison.’


It seems the head has fallen
and the neck kept the secret,
the shoulders can no longer bear the burden
and the heart feels like it’s about to split

our bellies filled with so much emptiness
our ears deafened by our own plight,
slowly every part pulls away;
everything falls apart

the blood trickles,
deluging down the districts

under the sheets

our eyes dazed; our minds puzzled,
we shiver in our emaciated bones

teeth gnashing,
vision bleary

weakened knees,
kneeling on the pavement

tendrilled limbs,
wrapped around our necks
in attempted suicide

split throat; bloodied hands
we fall, half dead
into the pull of our own blood.

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