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Wonderful, and dark,
without form, void.
Then a voice spoke,
Just at that moment,
Light prevailed,
It was pleasant for mankind,
The light was called day,
Darkness night.

Though there were morning and evening
But the heavens were alone.
The waters,
There appeared dry land,
which was called earth and the seas.
Imagine how glamorous it is today.
Earth sprout vegetation,
yielding seeds and fruits of their kind.

Again the voice spoke,
Let there be light
In the heavens, to separate the day from night.
To display signs and seasons,
For days and years.
The heavens have given light
Upon the earth.
He made two greater light
Upon the earth.
The greater light rules the day.
The lesser light rules the night,
With the stars.

Thereafter, he said,
Let the waters swarm with living creatures, and let the birds fly above the earth.
Across the heavens,
He created each of their kinds,
Saying ‘Be fruitful & multiply,
Fill the waters and the seas.

under the sheets
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