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For the times, you hoard the tears,
Just to live in fears;
Just so the society see you as strong,
When there’s in your heart, no hue of a gladdening song

For the times they told you,
To “be a man”;
How do you, when emotions brewed?,
You really should owe up, as the man

Nobody told you, when to smile,
You did, when you felt to;
Why should they say, when to cry;
You should, when you feel to

I know the pains are tough,
I know that times are rough;
I know that Hope’s enough,
But, even tears need your strength

under the sheets

Do well, to be strong,
Strong enough, to smile;
Strong enough, to cry,
Every side, has another side

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Joxzy OTOR is a Musician, a Writer, a Self-discovery/development coach, and a Relationship Counselor.Fondly called "INKspirator" and "PenAddict" by his audience whom he prides as his family. Joxzy is well known by the lines "We live for us", "Live before you leave" and "Family is not biological". Joxzy is the convener of " A talk with Joxzy", a WhatsApp platform dedicated to counselling and helping you heal from all forms of emotional distress. Reach him all social outlets with the search "Joxzy OTOR"

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