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…and pain arrived,
As an unwanted visitor
Deadly and fatal
Strong enough to force scorpions up our necks
Strong enough to turn the universe into hell

For we are nothing but
slaves of this unwanted visitor.

Everyday, we thump happily to its tune
Tunes of sorrow which drains the heart

For we are lost in the morning mist
Of this visitor’s deadly world
For we to survive, our bodies must die
The more we breathe each moment,
The more we are fed
of unhealthy stenches of misery

under the sheets

Daily, we lay and cry
In prayers, we wait for the light
To shine in our pathways
To wash away our hard days

May there be an end to this painful journey.
May there be an end to our sad stories
That the pains locked in our breasts would find their way out of our lives
That we one day,
Will breathe the breath of fresh air

But must we wallow deep that mercy may abound?
For peace to abide, we must maim the unwanted visitor
For we to envision brightness,
we must crush the darkness
For legs to walk again in glee and joy, This pain must be stripped off

Although the flood may reach the legs
It won’t cover the face
And though these times may try
We must stay cruel to be kind!

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