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Yes,of a man wandering in no definite stead,
Thinking less of what d’morrow plead.
Of a sudden, auspiciousness cloud his Mind,like a Catechumen,his heart wobbles with Joy’s wine.

Each day unfold an epic of great adventures
Each stream of his thought iginites Alluring glamour’s.
The sense organ ,amidst teeth, being reclused From failure,
Like a cat,
He befuddled.
Would bow to earth as his eternal juncture.

Here comes death passing by
There checks he as it sojourns by.
At Least,to know his state of being.
At most, reminds him what d’morrow will bring.

Vague was it’s speech, with indestructible adornment,
Perplexed was his mind,as he plays to bewilderment.
lo! d’morrow set just in Sunshine’s ray,
Earthling creature still, longer to gather hay.

under the sheets

Amidst warnings,he yet stoops so low,
Alas sundown lies ,he is no more
Pains reaches other ,
Even the family grunts,
Rain falls with storm,Mr Death sandwiched in their midst.

Though surprised of their grunt’s,
There gone a waywayrd fellow,yet not so Troubled with guilt s, for he had him of d’morrow.

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    This poem is amazing, the structure of the poem, the figure of speech in the poem that brings out the beauty of the poem…kudos to you, more ink and more of this…I love the poem…

  2. Avatar photo

    If I had read this without a prior knowledge of the writer’s name, I’d still know it’s Duru.

    Guy is good. His prints I know.

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