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I left her standing on the corner
“Wait while I buy a paper.”
She stood smiling bathed in
The soft glow of the afternoon sun
I was back in five minutes
To a scene from a horror movie
A black car on the pavement
A crowd shouting and jostling
I couldn’t see my girl in the crowd
I pushed forward calling for her
Willing her to come to me
But she didn’t hear, I pushed
My way forward and saw her
Laying under the car Her pink
Dress blood red, I knew she
Would never hear me again
I could see the car had snuffed
Out her life and something
Shriveled and hardened within me
I had only gone to buy a paper
And she had been brutally stolen
As she passed the setting sun.
Mother said, “next month she will be 19.”
My merriment gone west
& I tried to remember the time,
The time we shared together.

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