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death, a
sure portal
to the great
beyond with a
key no one wants
to handle nor master
yet, its door is ever open
with its angel enjoying the
roll call. death, a name mortals
hate to call. a word humans
dare not speak, not even
among priests of the
one living upstairs.
death, an incision,
cutting memory
leaving the
of us in

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Oletu Oghenenyore is a native of Urhobo from Ughelli-South LGA of Delta State. He is a photographer and G.M.P. fabricator. A passionate poet and story-teller with over 200 poems on various theme, some publish in online book and magazine. Your can reach him on +238140727762. Facebook handle: OLETU OGHENENYORE CORNELIUS PETR. His poetry Facebook page is NYORE NOTE.

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