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A poem that highlight the traumas and tribulations of rape victims in the society.

Baffa Hussaini Gantsa

Who cares to see
Rivulets of tears that threaten
To gush out of my raining face
Forming a deluge that sweeps away
My dreams into ocean of loneliness?
Who will listen to my gory tale
When I cried my young eyes out,
When I screamed atop my voice
Of the demon hunter who visits me
Devouring my long kept treasure in blink of an eye?
For how long should I kept mute
When horrorful dreams befriended my nights
Of how my sacred fruit was plucked
By an animal who knows not how the farm is tilled?
When will I sprout like every seed
And blossom into branches of freedom
When darkness is all I see
Who will break this old silence
Killing me as I took heap of the blame?
Who will help tell the world
Of these birds caged amidst confusion
Of society’s deepening silence
That justice is all they seek
And want to fly again with wings of hope?

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Baffa Hussaini Gantsa was born and raised in Gantsa of Buji LG Jigawa State-Nigeria. He is passionate about reading and writing. He is a multiple award winning poet.


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