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Yet a little ponder on a deep thought,

joy leaps out of the window

and depression walks in the door.

It gives you an immediate impression

under the sheets

that triggers a contagious expression.

It creates an imagination,

that suit the present situation

which will lead you into frustration.

Then it shoots at it’s mission,

setting your body, soul and mind on motion

and scream loudly into your ears

“you’re nothing but worthless”

“everything with you is just useless”.

“You can’t even make good grades,

nor do you have some cool cash.”

Then of what use is your existence?

How will you be able to erase this pain,

or go out to face the shame?

Amidst the confusion, hot tears streamed down those innocent eyes;

helpless, hopeless with no one to console her.

It voice re-echoes…

“Do you think crying can solve anything?”

No… It possibly won’t!

She stands and move towards the store

then she saw a sniper

The thought comes again

“Yes… that is it.

just take that and everything will be fine.

End your life and end this mess.”

She contemplate and buys the idea.

She opened the lid,

slowly she poured herself

and carefully, it flowed from her throat down to her veins.

Ahhh!… She screamed in pains.

“What have I done?”

But now, the thought has vanished.

The End


A D V I C E ! ! !

* Shun bad thoughts

* Shun worry

& Depression won’t have it’s way.

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Since writing became a passion, Elizabeth Emmanuel decided to make it an ambition in order to curb the infection called imposter syndrome and move drifty towards her mission.

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