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Like windows of opportunities behind a closed door,
In this story building, lingering hope is the first flaw,
And eversince blueticks started leaving blueprints,
Emotion has been throwing tantrums like slings.

Of what profit is a man who isn’t paid attention?
He falls from a great sky and lands in a pool of depression,
It becomes a flowing blessing, the watercourse,
A captain won’t do jack if the alcoholic relationship is forced.

Responses are null and void,
Conversations they tend to avoid,
For this is the death undying love live to die for,
Worthy waterfalls from the teary but nothing is worth crying for.

Know your place in people’s priority,
For there’s a thin line between family and familiarity,
Sometimes it isn’t Intentional, at times intentions are implied,
DMs are fine, they haven’t just replied…

Written by: Inufin Ayomide D’great

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