We amplify and redefine African literature with everything poetry, fiction, nonfiction, book reviews, creative rants, letters and opinions. It is important that artists get paid for their work. Art is often times difficult to create and paying for it is a way of thanking the artist for the time and thought put into making the work. Paying the artist keeps them motivated and generally allows them to produce more and better work.

We hope to offer a remuneration to contributors – however modest – for work that is accepted and published. This is a dream that Poemify hopes to make a reality. Our magazine, Poemify Magazine is published annually online and features fiction, poetry, nonfiction, visual arts, reviews, and more. We also publish poetry chapbooks through our Pengician Chapbook Prize and prose chapbooks through Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi Prose Prize.

However, this commitment is difficult as the magazine and prizes currently have no funding or any financial backing. So far, we relied on the Editor’s own contributions, support from friends and family, and the generosity of a few people who have donated to us. That means we are struggling to pay for most of the pieces published so far. However, we would like to keep the promise and pay the contributors. Help keep Poemify’s dream alive by becoming a patron and make a monthly contribution towards Poemify. This will make sure that your favourite story, poem, essay or photograph is paid for and the artist is happy. Wouldn’t it be nice for your favourite artist to afford something nice for themselves too?

Any contribution towards this will be highly appreciated. Use the buttons below.

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