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Mango (Ugbeny) is not the regular party jam with rhythm without reason, this one is packaged with rhythm and reason.

Mango is translated as Ugbeny in Usokun-Degema language in Rivers State. Mango is a beautifully shaped fruit that gives you chills just beholding it, and it’s taste is something your tastebuds can’t forget in a hurry.

Mango is a celebration of the woman’s bumbum (butt, butty) done with metaphoric comparison of the woman’s bumbum to the Mango fruit in shape and sweetness; with a Dancer in its rhythmic involuntary movement when she moves (this rhythmic movement (Ibuluku) does something magical to a man’s mind (creative’s mind), that’s why a man’s attention will always be stolen when a big bumbum woman comes into the scene.

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